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Pourquoi la génération Z exige un support client exceptionnel [Nouvelles données]

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In recent years, Gen Z has emerged as a powerful and influential demographic group, with unique preferences and expectations that are reshaping many industries. One area where they are making their mark is customer service. The Gen Z squad has set high standards for speed, personalization, and cutting-edge technology, driving businesses to think outside the box and find innovative ways to connect with them.

Gen Z’s digital native background

Gen Z has grown up in a digitally connected world, where online interactions are an integral part of their lives. This upbringing has shaped their expectations for instant and seamless customer support experiences.

Importance of instant gratification

Gen Z values prompt and efficient customer support. They expect quick responses and resolutions to their inquiries or issues, reflecting their desire for instant gratification in a fast-paced digital environment.

Individuality and personalized support

Gen Z seeks personalized experiences and wants to be treated as unique individuals. They appreciate customized solutions and tailored assistance that cater to their specific needs and preferences.

Influence of social media

Social media plays a significant role in shaping Gen Z’s perceptions and expectations of customer support. They rely on platforms like Twitter, Instagram, and online reviews to voice their opinions, share experiences, and seek resolutions. Businesses must actively engage and address customer concerns on these platforms to maintain a positive brand image among Gen Z consumers.

The Changing Face of Customer Service

Customer service has always been a vital part of any business, as it plays a crucial role in maintaining customer loyalty and satisfaction. However, customer service has undergone a significant transformation in recent years, largely due to the impact of a new generation of customers. This generation has grown up in a world where technology is ubiquitous and instant gratification is the norm. As a result, they have come to expect a level of service that is faster, more personalized, and more convenient than ever before.

In the past, customer service was often seen as a necessary but somewhat tedious aspect of business operations. However, as competition has increased and customers have become more demanding, businesses have had to up their game when it comes to customer support. Today, customer service is recognized as a key driver of customer loyalty and advocacy, with businesses investing significant resources in developing effective and efficient support systems.

According to a recent survey, Gen Z is more likely than any other generation to seek out self-service options when it comes to customer support. In fact, 60% of Gen Z respondents said they prefer to solve their own problems using self-service options, such as FAQs or knowledge bases, before reaching out to a customer service representative. This trend has led to a surge in the use of chatbots and other self-service tools, as businesses strive to meet the demands of this tech-savvy generation.

Gen Z’s impact on the customer service industry has been significant and far-reaching. From the rise of self-service options to the growing use of social media for customer support, businesses must adapt to meet the evolving needs of this demanding and tech-savvy demographic.

Gen Z’s Expectations for Customer Service

According to our survey, Gen Z’s expectations for customer service are significantly different from those of previous generations. They place a high emphasis on speed, convenience, and personalization when it comes to customer support.

Response Time

We found that 57% of Gen Z respondents said that they expect a response from customer service within 24 hours or less, while 27% expect a response within just a few hours. This is in stark contrast to previous generations who may have been more willing to wait several days for a response.

Omni-Channel Support

Gen Z also expects customer service to be available through multiple channels, including social media, email, chat, and phone. In our survey, 57% of Gen Z respondents said they prefer using email to reach out to customer support, while 13% prefer social media. This shows that email is still a preferred channel of communication compared to social media.


Finally, personalization is another key factor that sets Gen Z’s expectations apart. Our survey found that 72% of Gen Z respondents are more likely to be loyal to a brand that personalizes its customer service experience. This means that businesses need to pay close attention to customer preferences and tailor their support interactions to meet individual needs.

Gen Z’s expectations for customer service are shaped by their desire for speed, convenience, and personalization. Businesses that can adapt to these expectations will be better equipped to connect with Gen Z customers and build long-term loyalty.

Most Memorable Gen Z Customer Support Experiences

Here are some of the most memorable customer service experiences that respondents shared as part of our survey:

– “Chick Fil A, I had told them about trouble with a previous order and was offered a free meal!”
– “I asked to cancel my subscription. They got back to me immediately, and I was able to cancel my subscription.”
– “The most memorable customer support experience I had was with Glovo. How calmly the lady spoke because she knew the rider was at fault and how what I wanted was made possible after and how I was compensated.”
– “I had an issue with an Uber Eats driver and they resolved the matter almost immediately.”
– “It was with a bank, the woman was so rude and it took so much self-control not to cuss her out.”
– “Calling about them making a wrong delivery of food I ordered and they delivered my order with an apology letter.”
– “The most memorable customer support experience I had was with Glovo. How calmly the lady spoke because she knew the rider was at fault and how what I wanted was made possible after and how I was compensated.”

Conclusion and FAQ

In conclusion, Gen Z’s expectations are shaping the future of customer service. They value instant gratification, personalized support, and expect fast response times. Businesses need to adapt to meet the demands of this dynamic and tech-savvy demographic.

Q: How important is personalized support to Gen Z?
A: Personalized support is highly important to Gen Z. 72% of respondents in our survey are more likely to be loyal to a brand that personalizes its customer service experience.

Q: What channels do Gen Z prefer to use for customer support?
A: Gen Z prefers using email as their primary channel for customer support, followed by social media.

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