Synchronization of your Google Calendar

Synchronizing your calendar is one of the first actions users take to optimize the management of their business on Djaboo. Let's find out how to do it together!

Synchronize your calendar

You can integrate the Google Calendar API to sync events between your Google calendar and events on your Djaboo app. There are a few easy steps to configure.

  1. First, go to Settings ->Configuration->Google. After configuring it, all users who have access to the event module and your space will be able to integrate their own Google calendar.

    In order to start configuring you will need to create (in case you don't have one so far) a project in a Google Developers Console . You can use one project to manage all your applications, or you can create a different project specific to Djaboo.
  2. To integrate Google Calendar, go to the Google API Console and create a projet 
Your Google calendar app

After clicking Create
3. Select your project(1) and click on Enable APIs and Services (2)

4. Look for the Google Calendar API and select it.

Google Calendar API

5. Activate the API.

Activate the Google calendar API

6. Now you need to create the credentials. To create it, go to the “create identifiers” button at the top right

Create identifiers

7. Select the following options and to the question “What data will you access? *” click User data, then Next.

Type of identifiers

8. Fill in the requested information: App Name, Support Address (Your Gmail Address), Developer Contact Information (Your Gmail Address). Click on “Save to continue”

9. Access levels (optional). Do next

10. Select Web app for Application Type. In Authorized JavaScript origins: Add In 'Authorized redirect URIs', you must add this url

You will find it in your embed setting. Click Create

11. After Clicking create, you will get the ID customer and the Client secret . Add them to your Djabo application in Events>Google Calendar Settings modal and click Save and authorize .

Go back to “Identifier in the left menu then click on the small pen of the “OAuth 2.0 client ID” that you created. And copy your information

12. Finally go to 'OAuth consent screen' in the menu on the right and click on Publish app. A production release confirmation popup is sent to you. Click on to confirm.

Copy all your information into your djaboo application as below. Click on Register and authorize. Connect to your google account and you're done.

If you have selected the mode test in point 12 you will get this option. Select Continue from here.

Get your Google Calendar ID #

While you're in the settings and sharing,  are looking  the calendar ID,  you will see your calendar ID. It will look something like ” "

Copy the calendar ID and add your company's primary calendar ID in Settings->Settings->Google in the Calendar ID field

Configure Google Calendar for departments #

Create a new calendar in the Google Calendar interface and get the calendar ID (same steps as mentioned above). You have probably already configured the Google API key in Configuration -> Settings -> Google, now go to Settings -> Departments and add the Google Calendar ID in the Google Calendar ID field for the department you want configure. For multiple services, you need to create different calendars in the Google Calendar interface.

Keep in mind that the master calendar is displayed to all staff members .

NOTES : This feature synchronizes Google calendar events with DjaBoo calendar. This feature does not sync events from your DjaBoo calendar with your Google calendar.