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Your all-in-one software for
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The suite of CRM business management software for VSE/SMEs

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Why use Djaboo?

I optimize the management of my online business with Djaboo. It allows me to group my tools together and gain efficiency, for more peace of mind.

Djibrile Camara
Web Developer

Brilliant solution for clear accounting and efficient tracking, with fast support and a customizable interface.

Monia Lagay

This product is perfectly suited to my structure and is essential. I'm in the process of installing it in another company.

Laurent Guilbert
General director

Djaboo's after-sales service stands out for its responsiveness and efficiency, which completely satisfied me. I highly recommend their services.

Alain Fournier

Djaboo is the “CRM” or customer relationship management tool par excellence, which will improve your productivity, the satisfaction of your customers and your project leaders. You will be able to manage your projects, your clients and your freelance team easily in one place. Djaboo gives you quick and easy access to the functions essential to the development of your business. It includes everything you need to manage your business efficiently and peacefully.

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Our tool has been designed to allow you to register a customer and send an invoice in less than 2 minutes, without any technical or accounting skills.


In a minimum of time, you manage as many customers as you want. You manage your payments and documents directly on a single visual workspace.

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Your success is our success! This is why our technical support answers you on average, in less than 3 minutes. Result... 98% of positive opinions.

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Designed for teams of 1 to 1+.


Set up a smooth process

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Integrate the tools you use with djaboo

Connect djaboo to Gmail, Outlook, Google Drive… Receive instant notifications, conduct your interviews with Zoom, Skype, Teams and many others and generate proposals, quotes and invoices.

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Invoice, quote and accounting in one click

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They talk about us !
I really like the user interface. The big project window with chat, details, subtasks, time tracking... it's all there. I also like the automations, the different views, the wiki functionality! So much is possible with this software!
Louis Beduneau
Founder of Praxis Innovation

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